Industrial use

Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and has the highest thermal conductivity of any material
at room temperature, qualities needed for numerous industrial purposes.

Diamond is used as an abrasive in grinding, drilling, cutting, and polishing, and has proven to be more cost-effective
compared to other abrasives in many industrial processes because it cuts faster and lasts longer.

Abrasive use

+ Because diamonds are very hard most industrial
diamonds are used as an abrasive.
+ Diamond paste that is used for polishing
or for very fine grinding.

Diamond windows

+ Are used to cover openings in lasers,
x-ray machines, and vacuum chambers.
+ Are transparent, very durable,
and resistant to heat and abrasion.

Diamond speaker domes

+ Enhance the performance of high-quality speakers.
+ Diamond can vibrate rapidly without
the deformation that would degrade sound quality.

Heat sinks

+ Absorb or transmit excess heat.
+ Conduct heat away from the heat-sensitive parts
of high-performance microelectronics.

Low-friction microbearings

+ Are needed in tiny mechanical devices.
+ Extreme abrasion resistance and durability.

Wear-resistant parts

+ Can be produced by coating surfaces
with a thin coating of diamond.
+ Diamond is converted into a vapor that deposits
on the surface of parts prone to wear.

Aerospace industry

+ Drills
+ Countersink cutters
+ Electroplated Tools

Automotive industry

+ Milling
+ Turning pistons
+ Reamers

Drilling / Mining

+ Drill bits
+ Mining bits